10 May 2020

Shira Lazar meets with Dax Dasilva

  • zoom conference
  • sign up link
  • May 10th 8:30 PM EST (5:30 PM PST)

We are pleased to announce a special collaboration with Shira Lazar’s new venture Peace Inside Live. Peace Inside Live provides daily free live zoom classes around mindfulness, meditation and movement with facilitators from around the world. Shira is set to host an interactive Zoom event on May 10, 2020, at 8:30 PM EST (5:30 PM PST) with Dax Dasilva around entrepreneurship mindfulness and integrating personal core values into business.

To sign up to the talk, follow this link: http://peaceinside.live/dax

Dax Dasilva Shira Lazar talk

Shira Lazar had this to say about Age of Union:

“The first of its kind, Age of Union brings readers along on an intimate journey that perfectly balances spiritual, entrepreneurial, and environmental guidance.” _ Shira Lazar (@shiralazar)

Shira Lazar